Friday, January 07, 2005


Yesterday I got back to my Chinese clases, it was a bit tiring but the best part was when my chinese teacher started to talk about his life in China. He's a chinese guy who has been leaving in Brazil for six years, and he speakes portuguese fairly well. He lives with his family, they are from China too, but none of them speak portuguese, weel his brither just says some words in portuguese.
Chinese is a language totally different from mine, I can't make clear sentenses yet, I just repeat some sounds that I'm familiar with. My teacher and I decided that I should learn hideograms and "pyn-yin" at the same time. Hideogrms are those "draws" which is very famous in oriental countries and "pyn-yin" is a kind of "translation" of the sound to ocidental people don't go nuts trying to study it. He's been living in my city for three years, and his family has a restaurant in my city, which serves just vegetarian food. Sometimes I try to speak chinese with his mother, and we always end lauthing at each other, because she can hardly undestand me, but till the next Olimpic games I'll make myself understood by the chinese guys....

See you...


Blogger -qI- said...

Hi Rafael...Thanks for ur compliment on my English but then it isnt exactly that good either becuz there are many out there better than me.haha. Anyway glad that you are having fun learning chinese. nice to know you!

p/s: do sign in my guestbook if u drop by my blog again!=p

January 9, 2005 at 6:50 AM  

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